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BioTech AAKG1000 100/200/300tab AAKG 1000 Arginine AKG STIMULATING NITRIC OXIDE

BioTech AAKG1000 100/200/300tab AAKG 1000 Arginine AKG STIMULATING NITRIC OXIDE

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BioTech AAKG1000 100/200/300 tablets

AAKG 1000 100cpr by BioTech USA  is a powerful pre-workout supplement in tablet form that stimulates the secretion of nitric oxide for incredible pumps; this product is made with 100% arginine alpha ketoglutarate, it is a different form of this amino acid to which a molecule of alpha ketoglutarate acid is linked to optimize its effectiveness and ability to be used by our body.

The two main characteristics of AAKG 1000 that arouse the interest of athletes are purely attributable to the stimulation of the natural secretion of Gh and the production of nitric oxide, these two aspects determine greater muscle volumes and better lipolysis, we will now examine these in detail peculiarities that make the product in question one of the most used in its category

AAKG 1000 BioTech to increase muscle mass

Before understanding how the supplement in question works, we must distinguish the methods of use for this product in relation to the two different objectives that can be achieved. If what you are looking for is pumping during training then it is recommended to use it at approximately 40 minutes before starting the workout, while, if you want to exploit the lipolytic power of GH then your case studies fall within the intake before sleeping; in fact, it is during the hours of sleep in the deep phase that the peptide hormones carry out their function most effectively.

Having said this, let's go back to the ways in which AAKG 1000 carries out its tasks, so let's start with how this food supplement can increase lean mass results; the principle is "easy" to understand, arginine is transformed into citrulline by means of an enzyme which thus determines the production of nitric oxide, it is a powerful vasodilator which causes greater volumes of blood to flow into the muscles. Together with the blood, which gives rise to the pleasant sensation of pump, greater quantities of glucidic and amino acid substrates reach the tissues which translate into higher results of strength and therefore mass.


Arginine alpha ketoglutarate can also be used successfully in the areas of body fat reduction for two main reasons, it stimulates the secretion of somatotropin and is glucogenic; higher levels of growth hormone will guarantee you, especially in the presence of diets known as "low carb", an exceptional demolition of fat, if you then combine this product with acetyl carnitine then you will also be sure that all the fatty acids produced in lipolysis will be entirely used to produce energy.

As regards supporting energy performance in order to avoid proteolysis resulting from the scarcity of carbohydrates, arginine, being able to be used to produce glucose, prevents the metabolism from breaking down the tissues already accumulated to obtain amino acids to be used as fuel, therefore high anti-catabolic properties. Finally, let's summarize the primary characteristics of AAKG 1000 :

  • it is more effective than normal arginine in free form;
  • increases strength and mass due to the effect of nitric oxide;
  • improves lipolysis thanks to GH;
  • assists the elimination of toxins in the urea cycle.
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