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Sportech - Gym deadlift bands, weightlifting straps, wrist straps for training, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting

Sportech - Gym deadlift bands, weightlifting straps, wrist straps for training, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting

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Grip Gel Straps deadlift cuffs

Pair of nylon-reinforced cotton straps, dimensions 60x4cm, silicone Pro-Grip strip for better friction in weight lifting, one size fits all, usable for Cross Fit, Bodybuilding, weight lifting.> Material: 70% cotton - 30% nylon

> Length: 60cm
> Width: 4cm
> One size

Useful gym grips improve your grip and stability during exercises, allowing you to tackle heavier loads more safely and effectively.

Here are some main benefits of gym straps:

💪 Improved grip: the gym wrist wrap should be wrapped around the wrist and the weight handlebar, providing a more secure and stable grip. This is especially useful when working with heavy loads or during long sets where your grip may tire before the muscles involved in the exercise.

💪 Reduced load on the wrists: During exercises such as deadlifts or rowing, the load can be transferred from the wrists to the muscles of the forearm and back using our gym strips. This can help prevent wrist injuries or premature wrist fatigue.

💪 Focus on target muscles: By eliminating the worry about your grip, the wrist gym bands allow you to better focus on the muscles you are training. This can lead to greater muscle activation and better long-term results.

💪 Increased Safety: Using gym straps can reduce the risk of losing your grip during exercises, which could lead to accidents or injuries. This is especially important when working with heavy loads or when performing high intensity repetitions.

Information about Bodybuilding gym bands:

  • Gym cuffs made of durable and high quality cotton. Gym straps with gel pads for a better grip, comfortable to wear around the wrist and will not pull on the skin.
  • Gym bands provide support when lifting, suitable for regular training for most bodybuilders, indispensable among your gym accessories.
  • Gym wrist bands in reinforced cotton that wrap around the barbell during training, increasing grip thanks to the gel pads.
  • These Lifting Straps provide extra support for everything: from chin-ups to barbell lifting, also useful as crossfit cuffs, versa grips, weight lifting straps.
  • Men's gym wristbands essential during weight lifting exercises such as deadlifts, pull-ups, rowing and other movements that involve grip

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