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Sportech ARM BLASTER isolated training biceps weightlifting gym

Sportech ARM BLASTER isolated training biceps weightlifting gym

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Maximum Isolation! Maximum Performance!

In the 1970s, the golden age of bodybuilding, the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger made famous an accessory that helped him build his enormous arms that amazed the whole world.
The Arm Blaster , as it was called, is a horizontal structure that the athlete places on the shoulders and around the neck used to stabilize the torso, totally isolating the biceps and allowing curls to be performed perfectly.

One of the main problems for those trying to train the biceps is the lack of isolation of the muscle.
During the biceps curl movement, athletes have a tendency to use their shoulders to assist in the effort.
Another very frequent mistake in performing the exercise is to use a slight imbalance of the shoulders to help you lift the weight.

Although they seem irrelevant, these small errors represent a way of shifting tension from the biceps to other muscle groups that are not the ones affected. So you end up not training your biceps as you should with the consequent failure to grow to their full potential.

Arm Blaster ensures perfect execution of biceps curls, decreasing the risk of injury and optimizing the growth of this muscle group. Arm Blaster keeps your torso stable and prevents your arms or shoulders from rotating to help lift the weight.

Arm Blaster is the mandatory accessory for anyone who wants to optimize the development of their biceps.

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